Why ‘Just Shipped’ is your Ultimate Logistics Tool?

Nick Fitchpatrick

With ever changing logistic norms, customers nowadays require specifically tailored services to suit their shipment and logistic problems. Just shipped is all your logistic and shipping problems re-imagined. We provide efficient solutions that cater to everyone. We are a door-to-door parcel hub and provide a seamless courier service.

In the recent years, small and medium sized businesses (SME’s) have had tremendous growth with many fresh startups coming to surface. This increase in the global market place has paved way to numerous transportation and shipment issues.

Businesses engage and attract customers to buy their products with the promise of safe and hassle-free delivery. Given the lack of suitable delivery options, SME’s may suffer loss in customer loyalty and lose credibility over-time. However, with JUST SHIPPED, you can bid farewell to all of your delivery woes!

Is The Packaging Done Carefully?

The worst thing that can happen to your company’s credibility is if the goods your customer receives are broken or damaged. This can render unimaginable losses concerning customer loyalty and product control. Steer clear of this logistic nightmare by utilizing Just Shipped and our unique courier service.

Just shipped ensures meticulous packaging of fragile consumer goods. For instance, if you wish to send wines and cakes, our team makes sure the packaging is done carefully and adheres the guidelines set by delivering companies.

Porch Pirates

Many small businesses and individuals with shipment difficulties also deal with the recurring issue of material theft. Have the packages disappeared from your area and have slim chances of being recovered? Material loss can be disastrous and unsettling for all parties involved.

Just shipped provides ultimate transparency in our shipment process and ensures secure and safe delivery of your goods.

Let Us Handle All Your Shipments

Being a small business, you either have to stand in long que waiting for your turn at your neighborhood post office or hire someone to do it for you. This often adds on costs and makes it difficult for small businesses to survive long term and provide a trouble-free service to their customers.

Our team offers door-to-door service and prepares and handles packaging for a quick, easy and safe delivery of all your consignments. Subscribe today!

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