Gift Wrapping, Packaging, & Shipping Holiday Gifts & Returns

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  • We Wrap Gifts
  • We Package Loose Items
  • We Ship Packages
  • We Package Returns
  • We Ship Returns
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JustShipped Holiday Special - Ends 1/16

NO SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED! Use our shipping service now until January 16th to save time on wrapping, packaging, shipping, and returning. Call, text, or email us and we’ll do all of the rest. Oh! You’ll also save money too! 

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No Subscription is required during our holiday special! Get started via text, email, or calling us!
Holiday Sale

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Pickups Include Gift Wrapping & Packing

1. Pick-up – $7.50

2. Flat rate prices for normal shipping designed to save you money:

Small Items (Ex: 4x4x4 or 6x6x6)

5lbs = $20 | 10lbs = $25 | 20lbs = $35

Medium Items (Ex: 10x10x10 or 16x10x3 or 11x11x4)

5lbs = $25 | 10lbs = $30 | 20lbs = $40

Large Items (Ex: 22x14x4 or 14x14x14)

10lbs = $45 | 20lbs = $55

3. For gift wrap:

Small $5.00

Medium $7.50

Large $10

The current special is either FREE pickup or 15% off the entire bill.

Returning Packages Made Easy

Was the present you ordered not quite what you expected? Or did you receive something not quite right? To avoid missing the 30 day return policy, call us for a pickup or drop by! We have special holiday hours and curbside pickups. We will ship back, take to UPS Store or FedEx, or do whatever is necessary to complete the online return!