Keep Your Family Ties Intact & Intimate

Susan Keeran

It is no secret that family is the pivotal pillar of love and support for everyone. It is all you need to stand firm against odds in life. From the stressful nights to anxious days and all otherworldly problems: a happy family will inevitably bring stability and add meaning to your life.


However, maintaining family ties is no longer an easy task with increasing globalization. Families are now spread over a country and beyond. This miles apart distance accompanied by busy routines may result in us missing special occasions of our loved ones. It often brings us the worry of shipping gifts safely with waiting in long lines at the Post Office and paying nearly double than what the present costs itself.


But don’t you worry anymore! Just Shipped understands your worries and has come to your aid.


From birthdays and weddings to anniversaries and festivals, keep your family ties intact & intimate with ‘Just Shipped’ by sending presents all year round to your loved ones with no worries.


Enjoy Convenient Scheduling and Free Packaging at Just Shipped

Need to ship out a present for your niece’s birthday and have no time for the Post Office hassle? Contact us, and we’ll do everything for you!

From picking up the present to packaging it and dropping it off safely to destination, Just Shipped offers unparalleled courier services at the most affordable rates.  Our subscription offers include free packaging. Our team of experts has culled a plethora of excellent packaging materials to keep your gifts safe and sound. To help you understand how this can be a significant saving – here’s a quick breakdown of costs associated with personal packaging supplies, all of which you save!

Cost Items

Price in USD($)

Packaging Supplies (Bubble Wrap)






*Driving and Shop Time (avg 36 mins)


*Car Gas (approx. 11 miles)




  • These prices are of the cheapest material available at Walmart to pack a glass jar.
  • Cost Items with an asterisk (*) are subjective to distance.

Just Shipped helps you save valuable money and time while staying connected to your family.

But what’s the cherry on top? We pick-up and drop-off at a time decided by you. Whether you’re at your office or home, we’ll pick up and take care of everything. You no more have to worry about time shortage and the long lines at the Post Office.


Ship For Lesser and Save Money with Just Shipped

Just Shipped offers cost-effective and affordable subscription plans for its customers. You can save a whopping $18.62 by using our services against the traditional Post Office.  For you to get a clear picture, here’s a quick analysis of the costs involved for a single item by using us against the Post Office.

Cost Items

Just Shipped

Post Office

Packaging Supplies


Shipping Rate



Service Fee


*Waiting Cost (avg 20 mins)


*Car Allowance


*Drive time round trip(avg 30 mins)





  • $4 service fee for one item: our lowest subscription offer of $20 includes 5 package pick-ups and drop-offs with all packaging services.
  • Cost Items with an asterisk (*) are subjective.


Track Your Shipments With Just Shipped Dashboard


With no extra costs involved, Just Shipped allows smooth tracking of your shipments. You no more have to worry or call the centers for the whereabouts of your parcel. Log in at the comfort of your home or office, and know the status!


With this feature, you can also inform your family about the exact delivery timings. It may also help prevent porch theft of packages, which our team already ensures to avoid on our end.


The Takeaway


While nothing can replace your presence, the act of gift-giving can help fill the void of your absence a little. So shop with your heart open and send presents to your loved ones at comfort with Just Shipped. It is now time to adapt to globalization and hold family ties together.


So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our services at now and show your loved ones that you care.

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