Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the range of services and solutions provided by Just Shipped?

To view our range of services, click the Our Subscription link in the header!

2. How much time do you take to response to a tracking email?

We make sure to return the tracking response as soon as possible, or maximum it takes 24 hours.

3. Which elements are covered in the detailed tracking response information?

There are few requisite elements in the tracking response information, which are as follows:

4. Can I track more than one tracking number while using a single e—mail address?

Yes. Just Shipped allows its customers to track up to 20 tracking numbers in a single e-mail address.

5. Can I track my shipment or do you provide status for the shipment?

We care about the satisfaction of our customers through our service. From the minute we pick up the shipment, to the exact moment it is conveyed, Just Shipped gives clients an absolute shipment status so that you can track your consignment.

6. What is the meaning of “Returned to Shipper” status?

The status “Returned to Shipper” in status section implies that the shipment was come back to the first shipper. Potential purposes behind return include yet are not constrained to: shipment denied by the proposed representative, Just Shipped couldn’t find the physical location, or incapable to convey after a number of attempts.

7. What is the meaning of ” Courier out for Delivery ” status?

Courier out for Delivery is the status when your shipment is dispatched and on its way for delivery, which means you will get the parcel on the same day.

8. Do you provide delivery details of a consignment for international shipments too?

Just Shipped gives delivery subtleties to all domestic shipments. But, for global shipments Just Shipped gives delivery status just to substantial locations. For territories which are on-sent through different methods or conveyed by third party, delivery details won’t be accessible.

9. In case, the consignee is not present at his location when your representative arrives, what happens to the consignment then?

In case, the consignee isn’t present at the given location, our representative will convey the shipment to the individual who is available at that location and will take down the signature and details of the person. Or, if nobody is there at that location, our courier will leave a message card. Our courier will make a second attempt the very next day. Well, certain sensitive shipments represented by shipper guidelines must be gotten either by consignee or his/her blood relative at given location.

10. How can I claim for my shipment if it has not been delivered or has been delivered but I wasn’t available?

All cases for worldwide/local shipments must be submitted to Just Shipped within fifteen (15) days from the date that Just Shipped acknowledged the shipment. If you fail to do so, Just Shipped will have no liability whatsoever.

11. How can I get in touch for any queries or customer support?

Our customer care team is here to guide you regarding all your shipment queries. You can email us at, live chat with us or call us at 352-234-3840.

12. How can I get in touch with you through social media?

You can send your queries through the following channels: