Celebrate and Make Your Christmas Special With Just Shipped

Nick Fitchpatrick

With Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching us fast, we already know what the next months are going to be about – gifts for your loved ones! The special holiday season witnesses a crowd of people in hopes of finding the perfect Christmas gifts at stores. Once people get their hands on the impeccable presents, many think their problems have come to an end. Well, isn’t that just the beginning? Think again!


Despite being a sweet exertion, Christmas gifts require money and time for packaging and shipping. Thanks to the advent of online shopping, people can now directly send gifts to their families.


However, some people still find it more satisfying to shop physically. To help such people, Just Shipped now makes it easier than ever to pack and ship Christmas gifts to your loved ones. Our subscription plans allow you to put a smile on their faces without taking a toll on your wallet. You no more have to worry about trips to the store for packaging or shipping. Sit back in the comfort zone of your house and let us do all the work. Celebrate and make your Christmas special with Just Shipped this year.


Save Money and Time with Just Shipped


According to a Gallup study, an average American adult projects to spend $942 on gifts per person on Christmas. While this is already very pricey, the high costs of shipping these gifts can kill your Christmas Cheers.


To your fortune, you can now ship these gifts at very cost-effective and affordable rates using Just Shipped.


Using our services, you can save a whopping $18.62 and more by using our services against the traditional Post Office.  For you to get a clear picture, here’s a quick analysis of the costs involved for a single item by using us against the Post Office.


Just Shipped Vs Post Office


Cost Items

Just Shipped

Post Office

Packaging Supplies


Shipping Rate



Service Fee


*Waiting Cost (avg 20 mins)


*Car Allowance


*Drive time round trip(avg 30 mins)






  • $4 service fee for one item: our lowest subscription offer of $20 includes 5 package pick-ups and drop-offs with all packaging services.
  • Cost Items with an asterisk (*) are subjective.


Just Shipped Vs FedEx & UPS


Just Shipped also proves cost-effective against FedEx & UPS.


FedEx can charge you $4.99 or more for fragile item packaging. Using Just Shipped, you can easily save this money. FedEx also costs around $13.42 per item for shipping against a $9.45 at Just Shipped.


On the contrary, UPS is an expensive choice amongst all. Pick up from home can cost as much as $23.71 against our $9.45.


Track Your Shipments with Just Shipped


Bid farewell to your anxiety and worries regarding your parcels. You can easily track your shipment status online via our Just Shipped Dashboard. This feature can aid tracking, prevent miscommunication, and also let your loved ones know the exact delivery timings.


Signup Without a Hassle – We’re Only One Call Away!


Sign up for our services right from the comfort of your home. Unlike many traditional shipping companies, our company offers easy online signup. Head over to our website, and choose your suitable plan.


 You can also call us and have us at your service. After signing up, you still do not have to show up. We offer free pick-up and drop-off services in the amount you pay for our plans. The cherry on top? Our team of highly skilled professionals will adhere to the time you pick!


The Takeaway


Christmas is a time of happiness and love for everyone. Send gifts to your people without worrying about your budget. If anything, spend the saved amount to buy some more for them.

This year, celebrate this Christmas with Just Shipped to make it worthwhile and spectacular!

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